Audio Production

Audio Production at Trikuta Communications


The Trikuta Audio studio is a techno-studio located at Green Park South Delhi featuring acoustically designed studio including the latest state of the art recording and mastering equipment. It is fully computerized and can accommodate unlimited sound tracks.

Trikuta Recording Studio features the latest digital recording technology. Our recording studio is equipped with Pro Tools, well known worldwide as the “state of the art” recording format. This is supported by the Digidesign mixing console and. We’ve spared no detail in getting you the best sound technology possible for the highest quality audio and unlimited editing.

Our sound rooms are acoustically balanced for moderate ambience and absolute aesthetics. The spacious studio facility includes a comfortable lounge and cable television. The studio’s entrance is directly accessible for easy unloading of your equipment. Everything about Trikuta breathes the artistic energy you need in order to feel inspired and do your absolute best. We also have a great selection of instruments for you to use in order to get that special sound.

Highest Quality At Lowest Possible Cost– We are a full-service audio and video software production company. We have a complete multi-track digital recording studio. This includes voiceover services, editing production, animation services, video production and more!

The Audio Recording Studio is equipped with the “state of the art” equipment with Avid Protool & Yamaha 02R96(Version-2) for Multi-Track Digital Recordings & Dubbing in all languages, it has established itself in a short span of time as one of the leading studios in the city of Delhi. To our credit, we have numerous hit music albums from major Music Companies. We have also been fortunate to work with renowned musicians and have recorded nearly all the famous singers of today.

The Trikuta Audio Studio caters to the needs of upcoming artistes, music groups wanting to release their own albums, music recordings for dance performances, mastering and mixing work, etc. We use the latest digital sound technology in our recordings, besides, our “sound” work which has a flavour of number of years of experience.

Our goal is to enable artistes to make superior sounding recordings by using the latest technology in a comfortable, relaxed environment. It is our endeavor to help the artiste realize the sound that he has envisioned. You deal with one company for all your Audio needs. From radio commercials to telephone voiceovers, From TV commercials to voicemail prompt. With this commitment of professionalism also comes leading edge equipment and all-inclusive capabilities. When you demand a superlative soundtrack, it must be delivered. And we do that by implementing only top professional equipment, like Neumann, Genlec, Rhodes, Bahringer, within a recording substructure that can guarantee very low or no noise levels.

But when all is said and done, the bottom line issue as where to do your audio production rests on: what are the people like to work with? Do you feel comfortable and at ease discussing your projects needs? Do you feel like the engineering staff is on your side as a team player, giving you a soundtrack that works with your ideas and audience? Does the engineering staff make you, your clients, your talent, and anyone else related to your project feel welcome and valued for their role in your production? If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, then you have a clear idea of how things work at Trikuta Studio.

Technical Specifications

YAMAHA 02R96 (Version-2)


Features 24-bit 96 kHz Format and Surround Sound Capabilities.Building on the success of breakthrough digital console technology this is the long-awaited successor of the revolutionary 02R. The 02R96 represents a thorough revision that brings every aspect of the console up to date for any installed or live application.

Now the 02R96 Version 2 expands the envelope once more, redefining the “state-of-the-art” for digital audio production. With more than five times the processing power of the original 02R, the 02R96 Version 2 represents a thorough revision that brings every aspect of the console up to date with today’s most advanced production needs- it makes the most advanced technology for commercial sound and music production available to a broad range of engineers and facilities.

The 02R96 provides 56 channels of transparent, full resolution 24-bit/96 kHz audio, with 32-bit internal processing and 58-bit accumulators. The 02R96 also offers some of the finest analog mic preamps, which provide excellent digital representation of warm, transparent output from the mic pre-amps. The Yamaha 02R96 provides full automation of virtually all console parameters, with 24 smooth, quiet touch-sensitive 100 mm motorized faders, which can instantly be layer-switched to control the 56 channels.

Pro Tools Control – When used with a DAW system the 02R96 provides physical control of mixer functions as well as recorder control. Control functions for Digidesign’s Pro Tools digital audio workstation software are provided as standard libraries.

AVID Protools


A Powerful,Host-Based Music Production Software integrated with Digi 002 Rack a FireWire-based Studio – industry’s most intuitive and widely used digital audio production environment. Pro Tools includes everything you need in a studio, including 32 playback tracks of 16- or 24-bit audio, powerful MIDI sequencing, and the Digi-Rack™ bundle of Real-Time Audio-Suite™(RTAS™) and file based Audio-Suite plug-ins.

Pro Tools offers a unique combination of power and simplicity.It is unequaled in the industry for its superior editing capabilities. It allows complete random-access, nondestructive recording and editing, and integrated digital mixing. It is a completely integrated digital mixing environment.It offers total recall of all mixing parameters and supports stereo tracks, edit and mix groups; and it provides complete automation of all volume, panning, mutes and plug-ins.

The Studio provides the means to create everything from top-notch demos to masterful DJ mixes to superb radio spots, all with 24-bit clarity and up to 96 kHz sample rate support. Its analog, digital and MIDI capabilities enable to handle a wide variety of I/O configurations, while dedicated monitor and headphone outputs allow you to keep a close ear on progress.

The Studio has facilities to become the industry standard for professional music and post production. Pro Tools enables both music and post production professionals to easily achieve all of their production tasks within one easy-to-use interface. From manipulating audio waveforms and automation data to hosting the industry’s largest assortment of professional Development Partner plug-ins, everything necessary to compose, record, edit, mix, and master audio/MIDI compositions with the utmost precision is readily available. With the huge collection of professional signal processing effects and software options one can have an incredible palate of tools to produce the sound they’re after. Take advantage of any number of professional EQ and compressor plug-ins. Choose among the very best software reverbs and delays in the industry to add just the right flavor of spatial ambience to a session.

CD Duplication

CD Face Labels, CD Case Inserts, DVD Face Labels, DVD Case Inserts, Cardboard Sleeves, Multiple Disc Case Labels

Why choose Trikuta for Duplication?

Fast turn-around time……Professional quality……….Knowledgeable People
Duplication is done in-house. We use best quality and highest reliability in the recordable media industry. We print digital color CD for that professional look so there is no need for a paper label.

Equipment List

Recording Devices

  • Digidesign Pro Tools
  • Neundo
  • Digidesign 96I/O Interfaces
  • 24 Digital Control Surface


  • Philips headphones
  • Imported headphones

Audio Monitors

  • Genelec 8050A


  • Digidesign Maxim
  • Waves Gold Bundle
  • Digidesign Sound Replacer
  • Line 6 Amp Farm
  • Focusrite D2 and D3
  • Digidesign Reverb 1
  • Digidesign D-Fi
  • Bomb Factory BF76
  • Antares Auto Tune
  • Digidesign Massive Pack Pro 4
  • M-Tron- Mellotron Sampler
  • Philharmonic
  • EZ Drummer


  • Monster 500 Series
  • Mogami Neglex Gold Series


  • Harmonium
  • Sitar
  • Tabla