Animation and Graphics


Animation and Graphics services at Trikuta

Banking on its vast experience in the field of Project Management, Creativity, Designing, Development and Talent, Trikuta Communications has an upper edge over its competitors. Our offerings are for all media services right from conceptualization to completion. These include Graphics, Multimedia and 2D/3D Animations.


Multimedia means a combination of various media stitched together to form a media. These types of service are a visual treat to the viewer and provide information mostly in the form of Audio and Visuals, which is very well understood by the viewer. The Multimedia services provided by us include Presentations, Corporate Presentations & Films, Documentaries, Short Films, Virtual Walkthroughs, Video Shooting & Editing, Special Effects, Computer Based Trainings, Advertisements, Radio Jingles etc.. These services are divided in 3 stages Pre-production, Production and Post-production.


Animation services used vary from industry to industry and come in 2 Dimension, 3Dimension and 4 Dimension popularly called as 2D, 3D and 4D respectively. The Animation services provided by us include 2D Logo Animation, 2D Animated Short Stories, 2D Documentaries, 2D Advertisements (Ad Film & TVC), 3D Logo Animation, 3D Animated Short Stories, 3D Documentaries3D Advertisement (Ad Film & TVC), 3D Low and High Poly Modeling, 3D Architectural Perspectives, 3D Walkthrough and 3D Anatomy.