Equipment and Crew Support

Equipment and Crew Support


Trikuta Communications (P) Ltd offers end to end production solutions. Using a Wealth of experience enables us to offer top quality corporate, educational and informational videos. We can produce anything from a short clip to a full length documentary. We produce content for leading organizations all around the world We specialize in Communicating complex messages to the wider audience through multiple mediums, which in turns helps organizations to increase their communication reach. We also work with clients to create broadcast quality web based TV programmes tailored to specific sector, organization and audience.

Trikuta Communications is in the business of providing production services, equipment and logistics support for corporate videos, TV interviews, corporate interviews, corporate shoots, documentary productions, commercial shoots and more . We provide video equipment, production crew, lighting and sound equipment rental services to our valued clients based across worldwide. The company was established with the objective to assist foreign and domestic customers in crew hiring, audio and video rental services and location scouting. The company provides entire range of services studio lights to camera and production crew. Apart from offering all these services, we also assist our clients in producing news coverage and TV interviews. Having vast experience in this field, we provide timely delivery of services without compromising on the quality. Our client-oriented approach and professional attitude have made us as one of the preferred companies for film production, corporate shoots, corporate videos, documentary production and interviews.

Crew Hire


We let you avail the benefits of a full time crew hire irrespective of whether it is a camera crew or a production crew. Depending upon your requirement detail we will immediately work out a solution and provide experienced and professional crew for your immediate assistance. From the most significant posts to the most basic requirements we got solutions for you. We have in-house cameraman, DOP, sound recordists, Producers, Production Coordinators and camera assistants to assist you in your filming requirements anywhere in India. Our crew has vast experience working on Corporate Shoots, TV Commercials, Documentaries, News reports, Multi Cam set ups and Events.

Equipment Hire


It is our commitment to provide personalized customer service. We Provide State of Art Latest camera equipment, sound equipment and lighting equipment any where in India. We have the flexibility and knowledge to offer equipment rental services on any scale, from a camera kit in any format to a complete television production unit. The equipment is fully checked before going out on Productions/shoots. This ensures that the equipment you order is in proper working condition when it arrives at your location. The equipment listed below can be made available to you at short notice from our studio in South Delhi or any location across India. Some of the equipment we can provide include


  • HOME
  • Sony PMW 500 XDCAM HD
  • Sony HDW F900 (High Definition)
  • Sony PMW-350 XDCAM-HD
  • Sony PMW-EX3 (XDCAM)
  • Sony DVW-700P / DVW-790P (Digi Beta)
  • Sony HVR-Z7P (HDV / DVCAM /DV)
  • Sony DSR 450P (DVCAM)
  • Sony PD-150P / PD-170P (DV / DVCAM)


  • Sennheiser mics
  • Shure field mixers
  • Sound Device Portable Audio Mixer
  • Sound Device Portable Digital Audio Recorder
  • Sound device field audio mixer
  • portable DAT


  • Sony Broadcast Monitors
  • Sony Portable Broadcast Monitors
  • BPL Batteries
  • Wide angle adaptors
  • Lenses & Filter


  • HMI – 1.2KW, 2.5 KW and 4 KW
  • Solar – 2KW and 5 KW
  • Baby – 1KW
  • Porta kit
  • Battery operated Sungun
  • Kino

Trolleys and Cranes

  • Camera trolley – Straight / Round
  • Crane – 12Ft. and 24 Ft.
  • Travel Vehicles ( SUV’S , MUV’S , Mini Van , Vanity Van, OB Vans etc )

Note: Please feel free to contact us for any special equipment requirement that you do not find listed here